Huisman Group finds itself in a constant and a qualitative growth. That’s the reason why we’re always seeking good charters. The charters who we partner with, will be without any exceptions, connected to us for years. That’s what we’re proud of: both parties are willing to give everything within their partnership with Huisman Group.

Becoming a charter? We’re seeking a representative truck, a decent chauffeur and – preferably – experience on the roads of UK and Ireland.
The driver will be treated as it is one of our own Huisman employees of course.

The charter trucks and the drivers will be randomly deployed next to our own Huisman trucks and chauffeurs, no differences will be made.

We’ll offer you, as a Dutch charter, a certain income through a km/hour-rate. Are you interested in working as a charter for Huisman Group? Please contact Bart Willems, head business office for further information.

Email:, phone: 024-3178900

We would like to meet you.



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