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John Scholten delivers

Director/owner John Scholten is in a unique position to talk about what it’s like to work for Huisman Group. After all, he’s been part of the club since 1991. John: ‘Huisman has always been the kind of employer that gives its personnel ample opportunity to develop themselves further. Of course, there are boundaries, but you’re given a great deal of freedom to do your job as effectively as possible as you see fit.

Everything has to be just right

John has a clear picture of the type of employee that would be a good fit for Huisman. “Our motto is Huisman delivers. That means that we deliver on our commitments and carry out our work correctly at one go. That is also how the market sees us. I also think it’s important that we reflect this image as much as possible, in all possible details, including our building, our office, our equipment, and our people. That’s also something you notice on the shop floor. Everyone works hard, but you also hear a lot of laughter.’

Convincing the client

As director/owner, John’s focus is primarily on his clients. ‘What I really like is that the concept offered by Huisman actually ensures that a client becomes more competitive in his own market. My challenge is to convince the client of this, so that they give us the opportunity to prove ourselves. And that always works, thanks to the commitment of every link within our great company.’

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