The developments regarding the Brexit continue

As you could read in our most recent Newsletter, the developments regarding the Brexit continue.

In our latest Newsletter we informed you, among other things, about the Brexit preparations that we are working on at Huisman.

In this follow-up to the Newsletter we describe what you can do, from your point of view.

0% VAT
When exporting to countries outside of the EU, an export document must always be made. The customer is charged 0% VAT on the invoice. As an exporter you must prove to the tax authorities that the export goods have actually left the EU and you have lawfully made use of the 0% VAT regulation.

Format sales invoice
After the goods have left the EU you will receive a ‘conformation of exit’. To be able to prepare an export declaration, we need to be in possession of the sales invoice with the following information:

Value of the goods (Invoice)

  • Number of Colli
  • Weight (gross/net)
  • HS code (commodity code)
  • Location where the goods are at that moment (postcode and house number)
  • Office of exit
  • Your VAT number (EORI)

The exact details must be known by 15.00 o’clock on the day of loading and cannot be changed; This is to be able to make preparations for the documentation and the final export document.

Type of trade treaty
Which trade agreement it is going to be is still unclear at the moment. There are three options:

  1. Work in the same way as Switzerland, with EUR.1 certificates.
  2. Work in the same way as Turkey, with an ATR certificate.
  3. If there is no deal, the question is what percentage of import duties apply.

All questions that we do not yet have an answer to.

Cooperation Verhoex
Huisman Group has already entered into a partnership with Verhoex customs agents.

“Verhoex, the Dutch forwarding agents, is a neutral customs representative from Venlo (NL) with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and representatives in Belgium, Switzerland, England, Turkey and many other EU and non-EU countries. Verhoex, like Huisman Group, is AEO certified and can also call itself a reliable and safe partner of the customs authorities in Europe.

We will inform you if there is any news. Do you have additional questions or comments? Please contact us!

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